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Easy Marketing Ideas

No matter what your business, marketing is crucial. If you don’t remind your existing clients and potential customers of your products or services and how they can benefit from working with you, chances are your competitors will and your business will suffer.

A few easy ways to stay top-of-mind:

  • Use business cards. One of the least expensive forms of advertising, business cards let others know you’re a professional. Be sure friends and family have your cards to share with others. And give all employees their own set of cards.
  • Keep in touch with existing clients. It doesn’t much matter how you do it – mail a note, send an e-mail, call or stop by with a small gift – let your clients know you value their business and your relationship.
  • Send handwritten notes. In this age of electronic communication, sending a handwritten note will get you noticed. Hand-write the envelope and use a stamp for postage.
  • Make the most of group memberships. Attend as many meetings as you can and network with other members. Does the group have a publication or Web site where you can submit an article, purchase advertising or add a link to your Web site?
  • Ask for referrals. When you get referrals, follow up immediately and thank the person who made the connection.
  • Cross market. Do others in your group have clients who may benefit from your product or service? Consider a joint mailing or offer discounts or coupons to their customers.
  • Use your marketing materials. If you have new printed items, share them with existing clients. Never assume because they’ve worked with you in the past they know what you do. Chances are they don’t know all you have to offer.
  • Consider promotional items. Useful items such as pens, post it notes and mugs will be kept. Hopefully they’ll sit on a desktop for others to see your information.

If you are already marketing, keep it up and do more. But above all, do something.